The Company was listed in Karachi Stock Exchange for preference shares in year 2004 and for ordinary shares in year 2005

Preference Shares

Symbol = clcps

Pattern of share holding of preference shares as on 30-06-2016

Ordinary Shares

Symbol = chbl

Pattern of share holding of ordinary shares as on 30-06-2016

Registration #




Finacial Highlights


Annual Reports


1-- Financial statement period ended 31-12-2014


2-- Financial statement period ended 31-03-2015


3-- Financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2015


4-- Financial statement period ended 30-09-2015


5-- Financial statement period ended 31-12-2015


6-- Financial statement period ended 31-03-2016


7-- Financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2016


8-- Financial statement period ended 30-09-2016


9-- Financial statement period ended 31-12-2016


10-- Financial statement period ended 31-03-2017

Auditor of the Company.

M/s. Avais Hyder Liaquat Nauman, Chartered Accountants, Faisalabad.

Legal Advisor of the Company

Mr. CH. Shahid Mahmood, Advocate

Ch. khurshid Law Associates,

158-District Court,


SECP Complaint Online

Security & Exchange Commission Pakistan

Online Complaint Link

Contact for Complaint.

- Muhammad Arshad, Company Secretary.

- E-Mail Address =

- Telephone No:041-8754472-78

- Fax No.041-8752400/041-8752700

Share Registrar.

M/s. F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd, Office No.1705, 17th Floor, Saima Trade Tower-A, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi. Tel:021-32271905-6.

Free Float of the shares of Company.

Position as on 31-12-2016 is given below


Total Outstanding Shares                                                           115,000,000



Shares held by Directors/Sponsors     




Government Holdings as promoter/acquirer/controller




Shares held by Associated Companies (Cross Holding)




Shares held with general public in

 Physical Form










Total number of shares available in CDS:               38,259,738


Total number of shares in physical Form:               76,740,262

EPS, P/E Ratio , Breakup Value

June 30, 2016

June 30, 2015



Earnings per share



P/E Ratio



Breakup Value



Election of Director.

Next election of directors shall be held on 18-09-2019.

Proxy Received.

-not applicable at this stage-

Detail of Directorship Candidates.

-not applicable at this stage-

Notice of Election.

-not applicable at this stage-

Other Notices.

(i)Notice of AGM 2016..(ii)Form of Proxy for AGM 2016..(iii)Code of Conduct

List of Shareholders.

-not applicable at this stage-

Address of Registered Office

Chenab Limited, Nishatabad, Faisalabad

Head Office

Chenab Limited, Nishatabad, Faisalabad

Branch Offices

(i) Toba Tek Singh. (ii) Kharianwala. (iii) Shahkot. (iv) Gatti.(v) Khurrianwala.

Associated Companies.

ChenSoft(Pvt.) Ltd. Faisalabad.

Email Address