What We Do


Modernization efforts have brought major changes to the Pakistan textile industry. At Chenab Ltd.(Spinning Division) equipment has been streamlined and many operations have been fully automated with computers. Machine speeds have greatly increased.


Weaving is the oldest method of making yarn into fabric. While modern methods are more complex and much faster, the basic principle of interlacing yarns remains unchanged. On the loom, lengthwise yarns called the warp form the selection of the fabric.


Chenab Ltd. offers a complete range of processing facilities with highly qualified and experienced staff. It provides our customers global services and competitive advantage to meet requirements with adaptability & flexibility for woven and knitted fabrics.


Fastest multi-head machines are available for Professional quality embroidery at speeds of up to 1,000 stitches per minute.

Quilting & Wadding

The Sewing Head is a full computer controlled quilting system capable of sewing any pattern on your product.


Stitching unit is categorized  in home, fashion and garments. The products of Chenab Ltd. are stitched with high quality Stitching Machines.

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