Weaving is the oldest method of making yarn into fabric. While modern methods are more complex and much faster, the basic principle of interlacing yarns remains unchanged. On the loom, lengthwise yarns called the warp form the selection of the fabric. They usually require a higher degree of twist than the filling yarns that are interlaced widthwise.

Traditionally, cloth was woven by a wooden shuttle that moved horizontally back and forth across the loom, interlacing the filling yarn with the horizontally, lengthwise warp yarn. Modern mills use high-speed shuttle less weaving machines that perform at incredible rates and produce an endless variety of fabrics.


Machinery Details & Capacity

Chenab weaving unit is equipped with 160 air jet looms including 48 looms with 16 frame dobby with 4 yarn insertions. We also have 2 Warping Machines, 1 Sectional Warping Machine and 2 Benninger Sizing Machines in house. We excel in all kind of woven fabrics up to 128’’ width.