Stitching unit is categorized  in below sections.

  • Made Ups
  • Apparel


Made Ups

Home unit is equipped with Gerber Spreaders and Auto Cutting Hauser machines. Wide range of sewing machines includes Juki Single Needles, Pegasus Safety/Overlocks, Bartacking, Zig Zag Stitching, Long Arm Stitching, Cornely faggeting/hem stitch, Durkopp Adler Binding machines.




The Apparel unit is a totally fresh concept In improved working conditions with full air conditioning and ergonomically designed workplace layouts.

The concept of Unit Production System was adopted for product manufacture. This allows continuous online management, supervision and monitoring thus reducing response time to any shortcoming that may occur. Latest quality control procedures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process, from automated pre cut fabric inspection to the final product.

Garber Fabric cutting technology and Computer Aided Design is applied to all pattern making, cloth utilization and marking cutting edges.