In a world of ever increasing design complexity, when customers are demanding ever high quality levels with shorter lead times, Chenab Ltd. has invested in a pre print department totally based on digital technology. In is the combination of many years of experience in designing  and engraving skills coupled with computer aided design systems, wax-jet and laser engraving process,  and a sampling and coloration system based on ink jet technology.

We are pleased that customers and  their designers feel comfortable while communicating design and coloration details via these technologies. The digital loop has recently been completed by the use of spectrometer color recipe procedures can be generated and forwarded to automatic computerized print-paste dispensing system. The on going developing and training in peoples skills  when creative talent and computer literacy have been combined to enable Chenab Ltd. to treat previously impossible to print design styles as the norm.  The use of a variety of computer software programs has enabled the in house development system to meet the individual customer needs whilst remain cost effective.

Machinery Details & Capacity dying

CAD, Plotter HP 2500 CP Scanner “Scan jet 6100c”, Re-production Camera Danagraf , Step & Repeat , Contact Camera, Film Developer & Processor , Complete Engraving Set-Up ,Strok Wax jet 4305 Engriving, Hydroextractor.